Our Services


Residential Building is the extension of your personality and showcases your lifestyle. At N Scale we focus to design your Residential Building as a comfort zone that perfectly shows your lifestyle traits. When it comes to residential Building Design, our experts will also make enough room to customise and incorporate changes when you feel or need it. From a truly traditional Residential Building Design or to contemporary elegance to pop design elements in the Residential Building design concepts to create more room in less spacious land, we have designed Residential buildings of all types. Which according to Development Control regulation and by-law


Commercial Buildings such as the malls, departmental stores, warehouses, shops, showrooms and garages deserve a fully professional atmosphere with proper facilities to accommodate the Builders and Developers, or visitors. At Nscale we boast of years of experience and expertise in the designing of most sophisticated commercial Building and marketplaces frequented by thousands of people. In designing commercial premises we are capable to incorporate the vision and image of the business brand in its interior environment. We complete Commercial building design as per development control regulation and bylaws, in the schedule period of developers and builders and obtain building use permission from relevant authorities.


The Industrial shed should boast of energy, activity and collaborative spirit through the design elements. We at NScale give utmost priority to create a happy workplace with a lot of spaces for free movement, brighter shed design with enough lights and design attributes to accommodate workplace systems and employees. When it is about designing Industrial shed, we give priority to maximum utilisation of the spaces for workplace purposes. From plush contemporary design to low footprint industrial shed design to creating elegant and equipped industrial shed within a small space, we have expertise in every design convention.